January 9, 2014
The Enviroweek Program
January 9, 2014

The Challenge

Addressing social issues such as environmental degradation is not just a South African problem, but Africa’s problem as a whole. Sustainable development in South Africa and Africa is an issue that requires immediate and continued address.

We therefore promote an on-going environmental awareness campaign for a more greener and sustainable South Africa and Africa as a whole. We intend to green and educate our communities. Our specific aims include:

Encouraging young people in communities to plant indigenous and fruit trees, and their own vegetable gardens at schools and their homes.

Inculcating a culture of tree planting, hence encouraging ecological awareness and environmental responsibility.

Buildinging capacity through our educational programmes to enable empowerment and local environmental action.

Providing a real life opportunity to develop better communication, problem solving, decision making and project management skills of young people.

Educating communities (young people) towards conservation and the use of natural resources to supplement their nutritional needs by supplying greening knowledge to them such as the role and importance of tree planting and vegetable gardens.