Eco Schools
January 9, 2017


Projekt 23 – The Green Movement is a community and schools-based environmental education and tree-planting non-profit organisation initiated in March 2009, and formally registered in 2012. The organisation’s core mandate is to create an awareness of environmental challenges prevalent in local communities and vulnerable natural environments and to establish their link to the present status of climate change and environmental degradation.

Through our CAP (Conservation Awareness and Participation) approach, Projekt23 mobilises communities to take remedial action in addressing environmental challenges prevailing in their surroundings. Through skills development, and environmental workshops, stakeholders within a community are invited to cooperate in finding solutions that are both empowering and sustainable.

Projekt 23 runs an extensive national Environmental Education programme known as ‘Eco-Schools’. Through Eco-Schools, integration and synergies between basic education curriculum, experiential learning and global environmental affairs are established. The highly successful programme has seen our organisation transforming more than 50 basic education, higher learning, faith and community-based organisations where just 564 trees have been planted. In May 2016, Projekt 23 launched the Treevestment Campaign.